The Opening Day

It’s Official We open on Saturday, June 17th at 120 a.m. During the first week of the server we will have active the Insane Time. A special event in which you can meet with Insane enemies who will give you greater reward by defeating them and get a skill gain bonus along with numerous surprises

Insane Ultima Online Project

What is Ultima Online?   Insane Ultima Online is a new project of the MMORPG Ultima Online. A constantly evolving online world where you can choose what you want to be. A world where your character will be part of adventures, fighting against challenging enemies and with endless possibilities where you can create your own

Join our Discord server

The server is still in a state of development, during this phase we have decided to open a Discord Server. We want to have more contact with our players. We will use it to inform of new updates, events, tournaments or any other information about the server and to be able to solve all your doubts.