Insane Ultima Online Project

What is Ultima Online?


Insane Ultima Online is a new project of the MMORPG Ultima Online. An online world in constant evolution, where you can choose who you want to be. A world where your character will take part in adventures, fighting against defying monsters and with loads of possibilities where you can create you own weapons, armors and objects to help your adventure. You can buy your own house and personalize it your way with lots of decoration.

Join a guild to fight other players in incredible guild wars or just to fight countless monsters and defeat powerful enemies (by the way, it says “numbers monsters” instead of numerous)
Be the hero or become a villain! Choose your skillset to defend your people or become a despicable murderer. You choose your destiny.

During the development of the server we will go through different expansions, that will bring new enemies, items and challenges in which you will discover new techs, rewards and endless possibilities and fun

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