IUO Tournament

IUO Tournament

We have the honor of introducing you the first great tournament of the Ultima Online server, Insane UO. An ambitious project in which the staff has wanted to give a twist to this mythic and exciting universe that is Ultima Online. Our server is young, but we are working every day to implement many projects like this and new systems and challenges, but that is another issue.
With this new event we wanted to invest in the gaming experience of the player himself, where if this game already offers adrenaline rush in your PvP, we wanted to get a step higher where as is happening in other games, the best players will be able to take economic rewards apart from ingame objects.

For all this, we present the great Insane UO Championship!
It will be held for seasons every year, initially on Sundays, as it is a fairly affordable schedule for players for work / study issues and availability. You will have a system of points and classifications. But as it is the first championship, we want to do a training preseason that, of course, also has an ingame and economic reward.

With the opening of this event, we will put a starter park for the new players so that they can join soon to the event that consists of the following:
– 2 skills to 80
– 25,000 gold coins
– Potion Kit

Up to € 250 in prizes!

You can get more information by visiting the forum: IUO Tournament