Terms and Conditions

 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt them from compliance


  • Limit per IP: 3
  • House limit per account: 1
  • Sharing accounts is NOT ALLOWED.

Normas Generales:

  • AFK macroing is ALLOWED.
  • Do not block any NPC’s or Monsters of any type in your home for any reason. Pets, however, ARE ALLOWED to be blocked in player houses.
  • Do not use immovable OR movable items (boxex, crates, kegs, doors, walls, etc..) to block player or ghost in or around your house OR any and all areas which include dungeon areas or entrances. Yo may block with you chracter or pets.


  • Insane UO Staff will never replace or give out items for any reason.
    Any pages that are an attack on the shard or staff can result in a jailing. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


  • Use of any tools that modify the speed allowed of your character are prohibited. We will absolutely not tolerate anyone speedhacking and will automatically take extreme action.


  • Use of any third party program that IS NOT Razor, UOSteam o EasyUO is prohibited. Cualquier otro programa externo que no sea estos esta PROHIBIDO.
  • Any means to bypass the server side restrictions on these official clients is NOT ALLOWED.


  • if you find a bug or see someone abusing a bug or part of the terms stated above and you chose to abuse it rather than reporting it. Instead we offer rewards for those who come forward with such large bugs.


Insane Ultima Online reserves the right to add, alter or otherwise change any and all of the terms at any given time without notification to anyone at that time.