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Playing on Insane UO requires 2 things: the UO client and a Launcher (and/or Assistant). We also recommend using one of the newer 3rd party clients, such as ClassicUO, OrionUO, etc. InsaneUO is tested using Razor Enhanced with the ClassicUO client (not the Classic client from Links have been provided below and each site has instructions for how to setup their respective client/launcher/assistant. If you need help, just hop in Discord or post on the forums and one of our players or staff will be happy to assist!

Once you’ve setup your client, launcher, and/or assistant, see the Connection Info section below for details on how to connect to our server.

Popular Clients

Standard UO classic client (required):

ClassicUO client (preferred):

OrionUO client:

Popular Launchers and/or Assistants

Some of the clients listed above have built-in launchers and/or assistants, but you can typically still choose an alternative if you prefer.

Razor Enhanced (preferred):


Insane UO Connection Information

Server Address:

Port: 2593

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