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Enhanced loot and rewards, super-fast spawning, quality of life improvements, and new player benefits.

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What makes Insane UO different? Check it out below!

Insane UO takes modern UO and makes it crazy! Crazy awesome, that is! Our focus is to get you up and running quickly so you can enjoy the content you love. And more than that, we want to reward you for doing the content you enjoy most, whether it’s Champion Spawns, Peerless bosses, Crafting, or just hunting monsters! While this is primarily a PvM/PvE server, consensual PvP is allowed via Guild wars and the arenas! We may even add a separate PvP shard in the future! And best of all, everything is Free to Play, not Pay to Win. Check out just some of what we have to offer below or head over to the Play Now page to get started today!

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Enhanced Player Experience

New commands (such as [doominfo, [bondinfo, organizeme, and [safespace)

Mark and Gate Travel scrolls useable by anyone

Corpse Summoner in Luna

Justice gains from brigands & Khaldun

Level 6 Arcane Focus guaranteed

Pets & Taming

NEW Pet Rarity System

Custom pets

Pet bonding potions

Pet Resurrection Stone in Luna

Pet leashes

Improved Chivalry AI (no Dispel Evil)


Custom large plots (keep/castle sizes)

All contest houses available (and less expensive)

1 house per account

Housing decay on (1 level per week)

New Player Experience

Free small house deed (one per account)

Free novice armor suits for mages & dexxers

New player vendor stone for basic supplies

Moongates to important locations in New Haven

Supportive staff and Discord channels

Community Center in Luna


Supporters of Insane UO receive VIP status in-game and in Discord

Exclusive Discord roles

Exclusive in-game titles & {VIP} tag

Provide feedback on upcoming changes

Reward Systems

Kudos system for being logged-in

Sovereign rewards for Achievements

Insanity Token rewards for completing Champion Spawns, killing Peerless bosses, conquering the Doom Gauntlet, and more!

Exchange rewards for high-end gear and items

Point adjustments for Clean Up Britannia

Skills & Training

Super-fast skill gain to get you playing (and not just macroing) in no time

“Free” secondary skills that don’t count towards your skill cap

Tools in the Community Center to assist with training certain skills

Increased Meditation regen rates

Crafting Overhaul

No point loss for banking BOD points

Large BODs give 10X the points

Power Scrolls added as BOD rewards for other crafting skills

Cheaper Barding Deeds with increased Armor

Gear & Loot

Gargish armor “fixed” to mirror humans/elves

Color-coded loot system with enhanced drops

Items from events available on vendor stones

Weapon tweaks for more viable options

Custom gear (Cloak of Insanity and more) or tweaks

Our Team

With a combined 80+ years of UO experiences, the Insane UO team brings a wealth of knowledge and gameplay to the table. We strive to make Insane UO the way UO could have been with better leadership and development. And, we’re always open for suggestions and feedback on how to make UO even better! Simply post on the forums or in Discord!


Owner / Developer


Administrator / Dev


Game Master / Jr. Asst. Developer


Game Master / Beta Tester


Game Master / Beta Tester





Community Team


IUO Community Architect


IUO Community Librarian


IUO Community Event Coordinator


IUO Community Archivist


If you enjoy the content we’ve produced, you can always chip in towards our hosting and maintenance costs by buying us a coffee! Nothing like a late night coffee to keep the coding juices flowing! Click HERE (or scan the QR code) to donate or subscribe! Everyone who donates will receive the VIP rewards listed above!

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