Tamer Enhancements & Pet Rarity System

Tamer Quality of Life Enhancements

Tamers have always had a wide array of content in UO, but were lacking in certain ways. Insane UO’s quality of life improvements include the following:

Pet Leashes & Shrinking

Pets can be leashed and stored in your backpack. But don’t think you’re going to run around with a full stable in your pack! Leashed (shrunken) pets weigh quite a bit and get feisty when shoved in your bag with too many other pets, so they’ll limit the capacity of gold you can pick up at spawns or loot you can hold!

Pet Resurrection Stone

Sometimes it’s difficult to cheat death both for yourself and your pets. Also, not everyone is a grandmaster veterinarian! Therefore, we’ve set up a Pet Resurrection Tombstone at the Luna stables so the Luna vet can get you back in the fight quickly. There’s even a Corpse Summoner nearby if you happened to suffer the same fate as your pet!

Pet Bonding

No one wants to lose a freshly tamed pet, so Insane UO offers Pet Bonding potions which will instantly bond your new pet on the Pet Supplies Stone at the Luna stables. For those who don’t mind waiting, you can use the [bondinfo command to check on the status of your pet’s bonding.


Plenty of other minor tweaks have been made through the taming world. Pets with Chivalry will no longer use Dispel Evil so you don’t spend an eternity chasing monsters across Trammel. Pet loyalty percentage displays on the pet’s gump. We also adjusted the cu sidhe hue spawn rates to align with the chances of our rare pets.

Pet Rarity System

UO has released many different tameables over the years, but other than Paragons, which aren’t tameable, there has never been better versions of the same creature. Yes, we have Drakes, Dragons, and Greater Dragons, but each one was fundamentally different from one another. Insane UO has developed a Pet Rarity System that adds a whole new aspect to taming. Pet rarity is made up of 5 primary tiers: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary; and 1 special tier: Unique. Rarity is indicated when hovering over the creature with a color-coded tag as well as special hues. Currently, five creatures (Unicorns, Nightmares, Reptalons, Cu Sidhes, and Saber-toothed Tigers) are part of the Pet Rarity system with more to come soon! See our future posts for details about each of those creatures.

In general, the properties of the tameable changes with each tier. Lower tiers may just be a special hue. Middle tiers often remove default abilities (such as Dragon Breath) to allow for different builds. Higher tiers typically lower the initial pet training level from 2 or 3 down to 1 or 2 to give you greater points to customize its abilities. The highest tier, Legendary, almost always adds a special ability that typically wouldn’t be available on that creature, such as Healing or Poison Immunity. Legendary pets also have some of the most sought after hues in the game!

So, how hard is it to get these rarer pets? All standard creatures in the world are considered Common. Creatures in the pet rarity system have the following chances to spawn:

  • Uncommon: 1 in 10
  • Rare: 1 in 100
  • Epic: 1 in 1,000
  • Legendary: 1 in 10,000

Keep in mind, some pets may have multiple hues in each tier, so the chances of getting a particular color for that tier could be half or even a third! Check out our follow-up posts to see the hues and abilities that are available for each pet!

Lastly, Unique pets are the most prized pets in the game. Unique pets are fully-trained, 5-slot pets with incredible skills and abilities. Because of their power, Unique pets are limited to 1 successful tame per account. This means if you tame one and trade it, you will NOT be able to tame another on that account and will be forced to trade for someone else’s. You are able to have more than one on your account if you trade for one. Unique pets will be available via engaging content, such as a quest chain, a treasure hunt, special timed spawn, or similar. While we’ll provide plenty of information about new pets that are added to the Pet Rarity system, Unique pets will be much more mysterious, with only subtle hints being released that provide clues on how to obtain them.

We hope you enjoy this new end-game content for tamers! Reach out via the forums or Discord if you have any questions or have suggestions for which pets we should add to the pet rarity system next!

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    1. For the pets named in this post, we haven’t changed their normal spawning locations. Unicorns are near Spirituality as usual, Nightmares are in Terra Keep, etc. If you’re having difficulty finding them, ask around in global chat and I’m sure someone can gate you to them. We’ll be doing a write up on each specific one with some screenshots of the colors soon. We do also have some brand new pets that were just released that we’ll be doing a write up for soon! That will have hints on where to find each of those.

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