Every player needs a place to rest their head at night, so all new accounts receive a free small house deed on their first character! Once you’ve slayed enough creatures, you can build and decorate an even larger home. Insane UO is up-to-date with the latest custom housing, including all of the contest winners! Players may have one house per account (up to 3 accounts per IP).

Houses do decay though, so you will need to remain active to prevent your house from collapsing. Each week, your house will decay one tier unless you refresh it by logging in and visiting your house. For all those hunting for the IDOC houses of those who haven’t logged in recently, there is an IDOC detector at Luna Bank that will display the status of all IDOCs on the server.

Due to high demand and prime placement, Luna housing will be controlled by periodic lotteries or giveaways. Keep on eye on news posts on this site to find out how you can get your hands on one of these coveted spots! Also, all Luna houses should be kept public at all times.

If you have creative ideas for housing, such as connecting two houses, or integrating into the nearby environment, reach out to our staff in-game or on Discord and we’ll see what we can do! We love ideas that help integrate player content more seamlessly into the world.

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