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We wanted Insane UO to be a new home for UO players from all backgrounds, both new and old. For all of the “old” UO players, no one wants to start fresh again, working the same skills that have been worked a hundred times before. For “new” players, the Ultima world is not always the most intuitive so we wanted to give you an easier path to start.

First, each player receives two giftboxes, each containing a starter armor set: one for a magical character (Novice Mage armor) and one for a warrior (Novice Fighter armor). Neither suit includes a head piece, a ring, or a bracelet, so you must hunt for a way to “finish” your suit of armor and choose the most obvious armor piece, your head piece! Every piece is blessed so you can’t lose it, even if you make a grave mistake!

Novice Mage Armor

The 5 medable leather pieces of the Novice Mage armor set provide the following attributes:

  • 75% Lower Reagent Cost
  • 25% Lower Mana Cost
  • 5 Mana Regeneration
  • 10 Mana Increase
  • 50/50/50/50/50 resistances

Novice Fighter Armor

The 5 studded leather pieces of the Novice Fighter armor set provide the following attributes:

  • 15% Lower Mana Cost (inherent from the studded armor)
  • 5 Hit Point Regeneration
  • 10 Hit Point Increase
  • 20 Stamina Increase
  • 20 Mana Increase
  • 50/50/50/50/50 resistances

Complimentary Small House Deed

As mentioned in our Housing post, every player needs a place to rest their head at night, so all new accounts receive a random small house deed for free! Stone, plaster, brick, or wood, who knows what style you’ll get! Once you outgrow your house, you can replace it with something bigger. Choose from fully-customizable empty plots or one of the pre-built contest houses if you’ve saved up your gold! Every week after the server launch, we’re giving away free Luna houses in the most coveted spots to those willing to put up vendors and sell there wares or decorate within our beautiful Luna walls. Start playing today for a chance to get one!

      Join the Discord

      For new (and old!) players looking to meet people and make new friends, join our Discord and introduce yourself in the #new-members channel. One of our staff will reach out to you and provide a free Mythic Character Token that let’s you choose 5 skills @ 90.0 as well as set your stats as you prefer. We want you to join and play the same day, not macro away!

      2 thoughts on “New Player Experience”

      1. Hello,
        I have been having fun with Insane UO. Is Discord the only place to chat or ask questions about the server? I was wondering what the free skills were that no not count towards the cap. I could not seem to find that info. Also, my log on info will not save on the login screen, even with save log in clicked.

        1. Hi ToeTag!

          If you’re having account specific issues, you can also reach out via email if you don’t have Discord (

          The free skills are:

          Username/password saving is all handled client-side by your UO client. There could be an additional setting that needs to be click depending on your client (UO classic 2D, ClassicUO, UOSteam, OrionUO)

          Glad you’re having fun here!

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