Patch Notes 2023-01-24

A server restart was completed at 2:03PM Eastern Time and following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Adjusted calculations in the My Stats gump (command: [MyStats) to properly display the bandage speeds
  • FIXED: Issue with Common pets showing as Uncommon when leashed. NOTE: The pets themselves were never affected, just the text displayed on the leash.
  • CHANGED: Adjusted fame of Doom Gauntlet bosses to increase Doom artifact drop rates. Also adjusted artifact loot tables to prioritize/de-prioritize certain artifcats
  • CHANGED: Adjusted Shadowguard drop rate calculation to increase drop rates. Increased the base chance slightly and gave luck a higher weight for increasing your chances. So get out the luck suit and get to Shadowguard!
  • CHANGED: Cora now cannot drain ALL of your mana. Each mana drain is now capped at 20 mana (or your current mana if lower than 20).
  • ADDED: Cora now drops Insanity Tokens (20 split between all attackers with looting rights).
  • ADDED: Whip recipes (Barbed, Spiked, and Bladed) have been added as Tinker BOD rewards for 50 points each.
  • ADDED: All Champion spawn special boss loot now gives points for Cleanup Britannia. Previously certain items (like Wind Spirit) gave points while others (Demon Skull) did not. All should now give 5,000 CUB points (same as the ones that previously have). You can view a list of all Champion Spawn Artifacts by clicking HERE
  • ADDED: New elemental steeds have been added to the game. See our next post for details on how/when to obtain them!

Known Bugs / Issues

We currently have 1 known bug that is in progress of being resolved:

  • When users have “free” secondary skills that push them over the 720.0 skill cap, soulstones will not allow you to absorb stored skills properly.
    • Example: You have 600.0 real, primary skills (ones that count towards your skillcap). You also have 100.0 “free” secondary skills (either LOCKED or set to go UP). You attempt to add 100.0 skill (real, primary OR “free” secondary) to your character from a soulstone. You receive an error message that the skill cannot be absorbed due to your skill cap. This is because your total skills is 700 which only leaves 20 points of skill space for your 100.0 skill points you’re trying to add.
    • Workaround: Currently, you’d have to remove some of your secondary skills to get back under the cap. However, you’d then have to re-work up those secondary skills again.
    • Resolution: An update will be released at the next patch cycle (Tuesdays) to ensure only real, primary skills are counted in the total skills calculation for soulstones.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused by this bug. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our staff members in Discord or via the forums.

If you have any bugs to report, please post them in the appropriate Bug Report forum OR open a support-ticket in Discord. Thanks!

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