February Focus – Gear Updates

Each month, we choose an area of focus for Insane UO. January was focused on the initial launch and Tamers/Pets. This month, our focus shifts to Gear. We have many things already completed and a few things still in the works, but we want to give you a highlight of what our February plan is:

Our 2/14/23 patch will include phase 1 of our major revamp of the Doom Artifacts!

First, let me give you a a brief introduction of the reasoning behind our revamp! Most Doom “arties” (as most people lovingly refer to them) have been outmatched for years with the addition of other events (Treasures of [whatever]), Shadow Guard, Stygian Abyss, etc. While retail shards did finally create upgrades for a select few artifacts, we’ve taken a look at the entire list of Doom artifacts and have created a brand new take on all of the other artifacts that hadn’t been upgraded yet. Each new artifact will have a corresponding recipe that must be obtained for a crafter to “upgrade” the original artifact to it’s new form, just like the existing ones for Cuffs of the Archmage, Gloves of the Feudal Grip, etc. Because all artifacts will now be “viable” again, we’re promoting all artifacts back to the “good” list (for those familiar with the Doom artifact points/drop process) with the exception of Glenda and the “newer” “artifacts” that are still less desirable. Due to the massive number of recipe required as well, we’ll be removing Recipes from the Doom points drop system and simply making them a % chance to drop on each Doom boss. This should increase both your chance to get an actual artifact as well as make it easier to obtain all of the recipes to upgrade your equipment.

So for phase 1 of this revamp, we’ve upgraded all of the Doom artifacts that are Armor and Jewelry. We’ll make a second post later today detailing the originals and upgrades. Phase 2 of the revamp will include the Weapons and Shields and come later, so if you get one of those, hang on to it for now! You might just be holding your brand new favorite item in a few weeks!

Later this month, we’ll also have a sweet new addition to Transmogrification potions! And, we’ll be adding a new special “Insanity” item to the Insanity Token vendor. Keep your eyes peeled and check back to see a unique item that may just complement your template! We may even include a few other items (let’s just say your ears may feel a tiny bit heavier) via quests or loot drops.

Lastly, we have a multitude of changes that have gone in recently (un-announced) or will be in shortly. This list includes:

  • Gargoyle head/earring slot “fix” – This is already live and moves gargish earrings/glasses to the HEAD slot instead of the usual EARRING slot that they previous occupied. This allows gargoyles to wear the same earrings that humans/elves do without using up the slot where earrings/glasses would have been.
  • Gendered clothing – Sometimes, the male characters just want to wear a kilt (or in UO’s case, a leather skirt). Maybe you’re trying to roleplay a Spartan or maybe it’s just a hot day and you want to air things out! Either way, we’re removing the gender requirements on clothes/armor. Racial (Elf/Gargoyle) requirements will still be in place because otherwise the character’s paperdoll starts to look a bit crazy!
  • Night Sight/Cursed/Antique Removal Deeds – These are available on the dark red vendor stone at Luna gate! Dust off that piece of loot you thought might not be viable because of one of those attributes and start using it today!
  • Swing speed/Damage/Strength requirement on War Hammers was adjusted to make them a great Mace Fighting counterpart to Double Axes (Swordsmanship)
  • Added Spellweaving as an additional choice on Katalkotls Ring.
  • Added whip recipes to tinker rewards.

That wraps up our gameplan for February’s Gear Updates, but stay tuned for the posts on Doom Artifacts – Phase 1 & 2 as well as the releases of the special items! Enjoy!

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