Patch Notes 2023-11-29


  • SOS chests should now properly show the large gump when opened
  • Horse statues will no longer occasionally tweet at you like a jungle bird
  • Hailstorm (human and garg versions) now both properly have a random super slayer per UO (incorrect on UOGuide apparently)
  • Fixed an issue with Krampus not dropping the correct gargish recipes


  • Points earned in Treasures of […] events have been standardized in the way fame/luck/Glorious Fortune potions affect point gain (brought certain events up to the quickest-gaining levels of all the events)
  • Novice Suit changes
    • Changes announced previously in the 11/17 patch notes are now in effect
    • In a nutshell, for non-Young players, the Novice armor sets will provide 5 less of each resist on each piece, so get crafting, get hunting, or get buying!
    • Non-Young players should see a message indicating such when equipping Novice pieces.
  • The [accountrecovery gump should now properly handle the newer Discord usernames. If you’d like to update to your new Discord username (or get rid of the #xxxx), simply enter the [accountrecovery command to bring up the gump and change it and hit OK.
  • Custom teleport commands (rl, crl, safespace, runaway, etc) are now restricted in certain areas such as Shadowguard and Tram Despise to prevent issues with game mechanics getting screwed up
  • Snow has now begun to fall in all facets!


  • Charybdis and the Kraken of the Deep (Davy Jones champ spawn) now have a 5% chance to drop a Hungry Coconut Crab statue
  • Added Tomahawk Steaks as the carve-able meat on Gamans and Dino Ribs to all dinosaurs (and can be cooked as well)
    • Huge thanks to Shazzy for implementing this!
  • Added new content for December which will be announced in a separate post
  • Added a bunch of tower/stone walls/arches/pillars to Masonry
    • Huge thanks to Eleos for all of the coding for them!
  • The Fletcher Book of Knowledge has been added as a BOD reward (5k points). See more details below!
  • A new informant has been added in Luna!
    • Informants respond to certain key words/phrases. What words/phrases are they, you ask? Well, that’s for you to discover!
    • Current and new events will be teased through the informants so definitely have a chat with Sister Marina when you see her by Luna moongate. Who knows what you might learn!

Staff Announcement

We’re happy to welcome a familiar face to the development staff, Hammerhand! He has been a great contributor within Discord as well as providing some troubleshooting and fixes behind the scenes and has some pretty exciting stuff in the works! So next time you see his gold name, say Hi and Thank You!

Fletcher Book of Knowledge

The Fletcher Book of Knowledge is a new way to obtain recipes for fletchers, instead of mind-numbing repeated quests in Heartwood that are subject to RNGesus. In this system, the crafter opening book becomes the books owner and recipes that are unlocked are unlocked for that specific character. You will NOT receive a recipe scroll that can be sold/traded. Those recipe scrolls can still be obtained from Heartwood however! “Learning” a recipe via a scroll from Heartwood will allow you to skip over it in the recipe unlock progression, but you still may need to complete lesser recipes to move forward.

Here’s how the new system works:

  • You purchase a Fletcher Book of Knowledge (shows as Recipe Book on the LAST page of BOD rewards) for 5,000 BOD points from a fletcher NPC.
    • NOTE: The first player to double-click and open the book becomes it’s owner! Do NOT open the book if you are not the crafter it’s intended for!
  • Each fletching recipe is detailed on it’s own page with information about the recipe and how to unlock it. The recipes are a linear progression so you must learn the lower level recipes before learning the higher ones. Whichever recipe you can currently work towards unlocking should have a green diamond at the bottom of the page. Recipes you’ve already learned should have a red bookmark (see screenshots below)
  • Follow the directions and craft the appropriate items for the current recipe, then click the green diamond to attempt to learn the recipe.
    • If you succeed, the required items will be deleted and you’ll see a message that you’ve unlocked that recipe
    • If you fail, the required items will be deleted and you’ll be refunded some of the boards used to craft the required items.
  • Once you’ve learned the recipe, you can move on to the next recipe until all recipes have been unlocked!

Below are the formulas that determine your chance of unlocking the next recipe. There are different calculations based on normal or rare recipes:

  • Fletching Achievements (can be checked via [myachievements command)
    • Novice Fletcher (craft 100 items) = 8% base chance
    • Adept Fletcher (craft 1,000 items) = 40% base chance
    • Legendary Fletcher (craft 10,000 items) = 80% base chance
  • Dexterity (needed to learn the fine details of craftsmanship)
    • 100 dex = 0% base chance
    • For every 10 dex above 100, you receive a 1% bonus (so at 150, you’d have a 5% bonus)
    • For every 10 dex below 100, you receive a 1% penalty (so at the minimum 10 dex, you’d have a -9% penalty)
  • Fletching Skill / Imbuing Skill
    • For normal recipes, only Fletching skill matters and gives 0% at 100, 10% at 120
    • For rare recipes, Fletching skill gives 0% at 100, 5% at 120 and Imbuing skill gives 0% at 100 and 5% at 120.

So practically speaking, if you were a Legendary Fletcher with 150 dex and 120 Fletching and 120 Imbuing, you’ll have a 95% success chance! If you’re only a Novice Fletcher with 10 dex and GM Fletching/Imbuing, you’d have a 0% chance. But, just raising your dex or your fletching/imbuing skill can easily get you to a 15% chance!

IMPORTANT: This is our first foray into an alternate recipe-unlock system. We chose Fletching as one of the “simpler” recipe progressions. We are excited to get feedback from players on how this system works and what changes, if any, you’d like to see. We may make tweaks to this system or to the other crafting skill systems based on feedback so please don’t hesitate to discuss it with us! We hope you enjoy this new format that eliminates your Heartwood scripting/carpal tunnel syndrome!

Introduction Page

Green diamond indicates the current recipe and is clicked to attempt to learn the recipe. Red diamond recipes can not be attempted yet!

Bookmarked recipes have already been learned

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