Doom Gear Update – Part 2

As part of our February focus on Gear Updates, below are the newly upgraded Doom Artifacts! Our Part 2 release includes all of the remaining Weapon and Shield artifacts from Doom. You must acquire the recipe to be able to turn the original artifact that drops in the Doom Gauntlet into the newly upgraded artifact. Each boss in the Doom Gauntlet has a 5% chance to drop a recipe to one of the damagers. An appropriate crafter will need to learn the recipe and then you’ll be able to craft the new artifact with the required ingredients (which includes the original artifact). All of the artifacts have now been moved back to the “Good” list of Doom drops (except Glenda and the Deceiver) so that you’ll have a better chance of acquiring them now that they’re all viable again.

Below is the list of original and craft-able upgrades for each of the weapon/shield items that are part of this update. We also tweaked Kotl Black Rod to make it a more viable alternative to other mage weapons such as the new Legacy of the Crazed Mage.


Axe of the Gods

Barbarian’s Maul

Basilisk’s Tooth

Death’s Kiss

Enigmatic Shield


Insane Blade

Random Super Slayer

Kotl Black Rod

Existing crafted ones will be replaced with the upgraded one

Legacy of the Crazed Mage

The Demolisher

Random Super Slayer

The Reptile Slayer

The Satyr Bow

Random +20 skill from:






The Swarmlord

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