Patch Notes 2023-02-28

A server restart was completed at 12:12PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Doom artifact loot table where Divine Countenance had 2 entries making it drop more often
  • FIXED: A few more tweaks to free skills to resolve some edge cases.
  • FIXED: “Rare” Unicorns are now properly 2-slot instead of 1-slot. Existing ones will NOT be changed so consider them “rares” (pardon the pun)
  • CHANGED: New characters will now have the Novice Fighter armor dropped in their bank box instead of in their backpack to reduce the likelihood of a new character instantly becoming overweight. A book has been added to their backpack instead informing them of where to find it.
  • ADDED: “Show Real” on the skill gump should be now only show Real skills (not Free skills). HUGE THANKS to Dan (Tasanar) on ServUO for the snippet of code to fix this!
  • ADDED: New content for some delicate new loot (details to follow shortly)
  • ADDED: New Shroud of Insanity to the Insanity Token vendor. Double-clicking will toggle between shroud/robe with an added effect. Special thanks to Hank on ServUO for the original idea behind this robe!
  • ADDED: New INSANE TRANSMOG POTION to replace the old, outdated Transmogrification Potion that only worked on robes. Details will be explained in a separate post shortly!
  • ADDED: Behind the scenes tweaks for better logging for stability issues/crashes, etc.

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