Patch Notes 2023-03-07

A server restart was completed at 12:07PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Epic hue color of Saber-Toothed Tigers that were spawning super bright instead of sleek grey/gold
  • FIXED: Power Scroll Picker now properly displays Mysticism as an option AND Fishing was put back in alphabetical order
  • ADDED: New dye tub for our Limited Time Dyes that can now dye Clothing, Armor, Weapons, Jewelry, AND Shields instead of just cloth! Now you can enjoy Leprechaun’s Luck and Pot O’ Gold on pretty much ALL of your stuff!
  • ADDED: Item Identification skill will now display the numeric Imbuing/Loot/True Weight of items so you can see how they stack up against other items. Note: The three different values come from 3 different calculations that are done in different scenarios. Negative attributes and such can make some of those weights higher or lower but the True weight is what is used to calculate the loot name (Lesser, Greater, Major, Legendary Artifact, etc) so you can see why it got that value
  • ADDED: New creatures for upcoming content (some details below)
  • ADDED: New Champion Spawn west of Homare-Jima moongate. This champ spawn is modelled after the “Horrors of the Dark” event, but with our own little twists! See more details below
  • ADDED: New commands for players! See all the juicy details below!

Horrors of the Dark Champion Spawn

Wander over to the Homare-Jima moongate and run west to experience the new Horrors of the Dark champion spawn!

(Homare-Jima Moongate)
(X marks the altar)

This spawn mostly follows the Horrors of the Dark from OSI (found here: but with our own unique twists!

First, level 4 spawn was changed from Balrons and Ravagers to Balrons and Evil Spellbooks! This new Evil Spellbook creature is a fan-favorite of many players (special thanks to Shazzy from ServUO)! The champion has also changed from Anilem to Ramrod, an ossein ram from the depths of hell! Watch out for his Charge attack as his horns may knock you into next week (or at least help you take a quick dirtnap)! Loot drops have also been changed up to the following:

  • Unique Item: *NEW* Book of Death (mage spellbook)
  • Shared Items: Protector of the Battle Mage, Lt Guard Sash, *NEW* Mark of the Destroyer (demon belt)
  • Deco Items: Evil Idol Skull, Lava Tile
(Book of Death)
(Mark of the Destroyer)

Brand new Player Commands

As the first of our March Quality of Life-focused updates, we’ve add a few requested commands as well as a few more useful tools! See the details of each new command below:


The new Emotes menu can be invoked with either [emote or [e commands.

Choose from a whole list of emotes, with sound effects and animations!

**Special thanks to Jase Griffin on ServUO!


The new Boat Control gump can be invoked with the [boatcontrol command.

This gump makes anyone a captain of the high seas! The controls are relative to the direction of travel (up = forward, down = backward, regardless of the direction your boat is currently facing). You even have a button for dropping and raising anchor!

**Special thanks to Felladrin on ServUO!


The new History gump can be invoked with the [history command.

For those of us with a bad memory or those who just don’t like all the text in the traditional UO Journal gump, we now have a “History” alternative that lets you see every text that was spoken by or to (nearby) you recently. Messages are shown on pages so you can go fairly far back to remember just what exactly you said.

**Special thanks to Felladrin on ServUO!


The new Point can be invoked with the [point command and then clicking where/to what you’d like to point.

We’ve all been there, in the middle of a Peerless with that brand new player or someone experiencing it for the first time. It’s hard to quickly type and explain where you need someone to stand without running there yourself and shouting “STAND OVER HERE”! With the new Point command, you can click anywhere/on anything so they know exactly where or what you’re talking about!

**Special thanks to Bittiez on ServUO!

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