Patch Notes 2023-03-14

A server restart was completed at 1:45PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Pets that are part of the rarity system should no longer spawn as Paragons
  • FIXED: Price of Custom Castle plot changed to match classic Castle price.
  • FIXED: Miscellaneous code cleanup
  • CHANGED: Drop rates of imbuing ingredients have been increased in Cavern of the Discarded
  • CHANGED: Sorcerer’s set no longer overrides the hues of the individual pieces when full set is equipped
  • CHANGED: Safespace (and similar) commands can no longer be used in the Dark Guardian room in Doom to prevent lockout issues.
  • CHANGED: Pet Bonding potions have been reduced in price on the UO Store to 100sovs
  • CHANGED: Mana Drain effect has been reduced
  • ADDED: A ton of new content behind the scenes to be rolled out soon…
  • ADDED: St. Paddy’s day surprises…
  • ADDED: Animate Dead can now resurrect players! See details below

Necromancer Change – Animate Dead

Ned the Insane Necromancer has finally mastered the dark forces to not only summon creatures from corpses, but also re-animate players! Casting Animate Dead on a player corpse will now attempt to resurrect that player, based on the following criteria:

  • Caster and ghost most both be within 10 tiles of a corpse of the ghost.
  • Success chance is based on the caster’s Necromancy and Spirit Speak skills. Formula: (Necro + Sp Sp) / 2 = % Chance, so at 200 combined points, you have a 100% success rate.
  • New animation and sound for Animate Dead on player corpses
  • Animate Dead on non-player corpses will function as before.

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