Patch Notes 2023-03-22

A server restart was completed at 12:05PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Interior Decorator tool has been enhanced with better features! Your existing ones should be upgraded as well.
  • FIXED: Tooltips for recipe rewards on the Fellowship vendor have been fixed for sword belts and a few other items.
  • ADDED: New UO Store content including 3 new fountains of life, Decorative Mage set and gold soulstone!
  • ADDED: New CUB Point Exchange next to the cleanup officers in Luna and Britain! Points are converted to scrolls that can be traded/sold.
  • ADDED: More content behind-the-scenes in preparation for imminent rollout!

New UO Store Content

Decorative Mage Set

  • 2 x Decorative Mage Thrones
  • 1 x Decorative Mage’s Book Stand
  • 2 x Decorative Specimen Shelves
  • 1 x Decorative Mage’s Crystal Ball
  • 1 x Decorative Mage’s Rug

Gold Soulstone

  • New GOLD hue

Enchanted Soulstone Vessel

  • Account-bound (once locked down) storage for up to 20 large soulstones
  • Only works with Large Soulstones, not Soulstone Fragments
  • Only house Owner’s account can access it!

3 New Fountains of Life

  • Waterfall
  • Pitcher Pump
  • Tiered

Cleanup Point Exchange

  • Double-click the scales next to the Cleanup Officer
  • Enter the number of points you want to withdraw and click the button
  • Scrolls will appear in your backpack (max 65k per stack)
  • Double-click scrolls to add to your cleanup point balance

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