Patch Notes 2023-03-28

A server restart was completed at 1:21PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Vicious Bite will now properly tick 10 times (stopping at 50dmg) instead of 20 (stopping at 100dmg)
    • CREDIT: Thank you to Socosober for almost dying to bring us this information 😉
  • FIXED: Horse statues will no longer make a bird sound
    • CREDIT: Macro Allister for noticing Moradin’s tweety horses
  • FIXED: Chicken coops should now properly retain their color and can be dyed
    • CREDIT: Marco Alister for his continued battle chicken breeding even without this functionality!
  • FIXED: Gargish Banner Deed can now be properly placed
  • FIXED: Dye special hues dye tubs can now dye quivers as well
    • CREDIT: Bekah for discovering our unintentional diss on archers
  • CHANGED: Cartography now provides a range boost with 110 (maxRange = 5) and 120 (maxRange = 6) skill points to further incentivize power scrolls
    • CREDIT: Marco Alister for asking if Carto had any effect beyond GM (it did), but giving us the idea for adding more functionality/benefits
  • CHANGED: Jewelry Box now handles gargish jewelry pieces (also added check to prevent a crash in edge cases)
  • CHANGED: Lowered weapon durability damage from corrosive acid (such as slimes) from guaranteed to 25% chance
    • CREDIT: Curby’s incessant complaining
  • CHANGED: Lowered dismount chance on krakens and leviathans from guaranteed (on timed delay) to a % chance
  • CHANGED: Tigers can now be ridden
  • ADDED: New aquarium types for crafting and corresponding recipes
  • ADDED: Runebook straps and spellbook straps for more organized backpacks
  • ADDED: New Chimera mini spawner (clues to follow)
  • ADDED: Elemental Steeds now have additional special abilities! See separate post in the near future for details
    • CREDIT: Massapequa for the awesome base functionality
  • ADDED: New Yukio’s Captor minichamp. More details to follow…

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