Elemental Steed Enhancements

Insane UO’s elemental steeds have unlocked the powers hidden in the depths of Sosaria and gained new abilities. Each tier higher in the pet rarity system unlocks additional new abilities for the steeds. And best of all, these new abilities don’t interfere with traditional pet training and don’t consume mana!

Tier / AbilityFire SteedCold SteedPoison SteedEnergy Steed
LegendaryMeteor ShowerIce Prison (freezes)Toxic SporesThunderstrike
EpicMeteor SwarmIce GeyserToxic RainZap (stuns)
RareFlamestrike AoEIcestrike AoEPoisoncloud AoEStormcloud AoE
UncommonFlamestrike (Single-target)Icestrike (Single-target)Poisoncloud (Single-target)Stormcloud (Single-target)
***Special Thanks to Massapequa for his custom abilities***

Check out the Legendary Venom Steed in action!

Happy Hunting!

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