Patch Notes 2023-04-05

A server restart was completed at 1:27PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Issue with Soulstone Vessel not working when secured
  • FIXED: Issue with Elemental Steed abilities crashing the server when attacking creatures with certain abilities of their own
  • FIXED: Issue with damage from Elemental Steed abilities not being visible to the pet owner
  • CHANGED: Slightly decreased the damage Yukio’s Captor does when ambushing players
  • CHANGED: Increased the decay time on boats from 2 weeks to 3 weeks
  • CHANGED: Increased and changed the scaling of the points budget on each loot piece generated in treasure map chests.
  • CHANGED: Treasure map chests can now also contain up to 120 Power Scrolls (originally 110) based on their level
  • CHANGED: Treasure map chests will now include Insanity Tokens based on their level
  • CHANGED: Increased chance of Assassin Honed weapons
  • CHANGED: Miscellaneous backend tweaks for better crash logging and tracing
  • ADDED: X/Y coordinates will now permanently appear on treasure map’s tooltip after decoding
  • ADDED: New loot drops to a couple creatures
  • ADDED: Ton of new content for Easter and beyond! Stay tuned, and keep your eyes…peeled…

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