Patch Notes 2023-04-12

A server restart was completed at 3:00PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:

  • FIXED: Crazy Cottontail corpse names
  • FIXED: Bug that could cause certain NPCs to crash when damaged.
  • FIXED: Added error message to notify you that Assassin Honed pieces cannot be imbued instead of failing repeatedly
    • Special thanks to Socosober for all his help troubleshooting this one!
  • FIXED: Assassin honed weapons now do damage when facing correctly (behind the target, not facing the target)
    • Special thanks to Socosober for troubleshooting this one as well!
  • CHANGED: Assassin Honed damage bonus has been moved outside of the 300% damage boost cap
  • CHANGED: Adjusted the repair formula so failure to repair (and corresponding durability loss) occurs less often (but still based on skill)
  • CHANGED: Purchases from NPCs will now attempt to go in your bankbox instead of just on the ground if overweight or overcount
    • Special thanks to Shazzy for this adjustment
  • CHANGED: Gargish Necklaces and Earrings can now be enhanced with special ingot types so they’re treated just like other armor
    • Special thanks to Socosober for the suggestion!
  • ADDED: Ton of new monster statuette’s to prepare for future pets
  • ADDED: Holy City is now an choice under the Ter Mur option on Public Moongates
  • ADDED: Completing Shadowguard will now reward final boss attackers 100 Insanity Tokens
  • ADDED: Ton of new “stuff” to prepare for upcoming events and activities

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