Patch Notes 2023-08-04


  • Removed Aura Damage from Frost Mites which was causing incorrect training choices
    • Thanks Curby for this fix!
  • Khaldun champion spawn now properly gives guaranteed 120 scrolls for Treasures of Khaldun
    • Thanks Eleos for this fix!
  • Fixed turn-in message for Enchanted Origin
    • Thanks to Zeff for noticing this one!
  • Essence of Wind should properly scale with SDI
    • Thanks Eleos for this fix!
  • Fixed an issue with triceratops not getting healing at the appropriate rates
  • Adjusted pet training on the following creatures:
    • Hellhounds: from 2->4 to 1->4
    • Hellcats: from 2->3 to 1->3
    • Mongbats: from 1->2 to 1->5 (for silly Doom pet runs!)
    • Predator Hellcats: from 2->3 to 1->3
    • Slimes: from 1->2 to 1->5 (for silly Doom pet runs!)


  • Hawkwind’s Robe is now alterable for gargoyles or swappable via the Exalted Artificer
  • Repair bench will now properly repair talisman’s with durability when using the repair with gold option
  • Adjusted triceratops healing rates for plain old common ones from 12.5% up to the OSI standard 16.7%


  • Added new items on the Insanity Token vendor (see below)
  • Added new tools to help with Ackley’s awesome deco!

Insane Dagger/Mace/Sword Belt

  • Hit Point Increase 5
  • Stamina Increase 5
  • Mana Increase 10
  • Reflect Physical Damage 15%

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