Patch Notes 2023-08-21


  • Fixed damage calculation for Wildfire to appropriate account for multiple enemies
  • Fixed issue with Circuit Traps when being used by 2 people at the same time causing progress to reset
    • Thank you Eleos/Shazzy for this fix!
  • Fixed potential crash issue with Seed Boxes
    • Thank you Shazzy for this fix!
  • Fixed crash issue with Khal Ankur
    • Thank you Eleos for this fix!
  • Anvil of Artifacts now properly applies the bonus resists to armor
    • Thank you Eleos for this fix!
  • Cultists Ritual Tome now properly has Caddellite infusion
  • Mage Weapon values are now fixed for runic reforging
    • Thank you Eleos for this fix
  • Possible fix to increase changes of Elemental weapons for runic reforging
  • SSI will now properly roll on looted bows
    • Thanks Curby for help in finding this issue
  • Mysticism’s Enchant spell and Mystic Weapon mastery spell will no longer remove each other’s buff
    • Thank you Socosober for finding this issue and Eleos for the fix!


  • Ozymandias’ Obi can now be swapped at the Exalted Artificer in addition to being altered by tailors
  • Upgraded LootPack code to the latest from ServUO to prepare for upcoming content
  • Whetstones of Enervation are now stackable (existing ones will be fixed shortly after restart)


  • Tons of behind the scenes stuff (for now) for upcoming events. Stay tuned…

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