Patch Notes 2023-09-14


  • Dragon Wing’s can now be successfully converted with the Exalted Artificer
  • Added new null check for Caddellite crash issue
  • Captain/Commander/Ensign titles now have the correct label on the Forsaken Foes reward vendor
    • Thank you to Eleos for this fix!
  • Fixed issue with paragon chests not filling correctly based on their level
    • Thank you to Eleos for this fix!
  • Added missing “termur mint” and fixed coordinates for “luna mint” and “termur moongate”
    • Thank you to Curby for this fix!
  • Fixed a ton of issues surrounding the weight reduction property including resource satchels, quivers, containers, and more.
    • Thank you to Eleos for these fixes and testing!
  • Fixed issue with runic reforging not properly selecting Elemental Damage for Exquisite/Of Quality and increased its probability. This should also fix Vicious/Of Slaughter as well due to some additional missing code bits.
    • HUGE thanks to Cogitarius for the testing and fix!


  • Antler’s of the Forest Lord now has Throwing for the Gargoyle version
  • Runic Atlases now have a maximum of 1000 charges (exceptional) or 800 charges (normal). Existing runic atlases will have their charges multiplied by 10.
    • Thank you to Fizban (on behalf of Marco) for this suggestion!
  • Gift of Life rez gump will now always appear in 2 seconds (previously was random between 2-4 seconds)
  • Ol’ One Eyes difficulty has been adjusted upwards slightly


  • Tinkerers can now craft Blowpipes as well as Mallet & Chisels (found under the Tools list)
    • Thank you to Eleos for this idea and implementation! You’re welcome, Curby.
  • Shroud of Insanity now has a Gargish version. It toggles between Gargish Epaulettes and Gargish Fancy Robe.
    • NOTE: Like the human version, it cannot be transmogged due to the toggle!!
  • Added new Insanity Token item (see below) – Insane Berserker’s Talisman
  • New command to track city buff time remaining: [CityBuff
  • New pet in the Pet Rarity System, the Phoenix!
    • See follow up post with all the details!

Insane Berserker’s Talisman

  • Hit Chance Increase 10%
  • Lower Mana Cost 10%
  • Defense Chance Increase 10%
  • Swing Speed Increase 10%
  • Damage Increase 20%

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