The Phoenix…Rising From the Ashes

Introducing the newest addition to the Insane UO pet rarity system, the awe-inspiring Phoenix! This remarkable creature embodies the very essence of rebirth and selfless valor, offering a unique and extraordinary experience to adventurers within the realms of Insane UO. With its special self-resurrect ability and the selfless sacrifice spell it performs before departing, the Phoenix brings a level of magic and benevolence that is bound to leave a lasting mark on any player’s heart and the battlefield.

This magnificent phoenix is not just a companion but a guardian spirit, possessing the power to rise from the ashes even after facing the most daunting of challenges. But what truly sets the Phoenix apart is its innate capacity for selflessness. In times of dire need, as the phoenix nears its final moments, it unleashes a wondrous spell that heals, cures, and resurrects surrounding friendlies, turning the tide of battle and offering a glimmer of hope when all seems lost.

The Phoenix is more than just a pet; it’s a symbol of courage, resilience, and compassion, ready to stand by your side and offer its extraordinary abilities when you need them the most. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with this mystical companion, and let its flames of rebirth and healing light the way through the darkest of adventures in the world of Insane UO.

Special Abilities

The phoenix has two special abilities. First is the Selfless Sacrifice that occurs right before death. All players within 6 tiles will be affected by the cure, remove curse, and heal. Also, dead players will have a chance to resurrect based on the rarity of the phoenix. Second, the phoenix will self-resurrect after dying with a percentage of it’s HP/Stam/Mana based on its rarity. There is a 10 minute cooldown on the self-resurrect and you will see a message that alerts you to how much time is remaining until the next self-resurrect. The self-resurrect will occur 10 seconds after dying. If you rez your phoenix with Vet or Gift of Life (for example) before the 10 second delay, the self-resurrect will not occur and the cooldown will not go into effect. Also, the selfless sacrifice and self-resurrect effects are hued the same as the pet rarity color.

Tier/AbilitySelf-Resurrect with:Selfless-Sacrifice will Cure, Remove Curse, and:Slots
Legendary100% HP/Stam/ManaUp to 100% HP heal, 100% chance to Resurrect1 to 5
Epic80% HP/Stam/ManaUp to 80% HP heal, 80% chance to Resurrect2 to 5
Rare60% HP/Stam/ManaUp to 60% HP heal, 60% chance to Resurrect2 to 5
Uncommon40% HP/Stam/ManaUp to 40% HP heal, 40% chance to Resurrect3 to 5
Common20% HP/Stam/ManaUp to 20% HP heal, 20% chance to Resurrect3 to 5

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