Patch Notes 2023-09-25


  • Fixed issue with gargoyles still not being able to wear the altered Shroud of Insanity
  • Fixed ranging issue on Fan Dancer reflection that could cause a poisoned fan dancer to “rez kill” a pet far away
  • Fixed issue with boards having doubled names in commodity deeds
  • Fixed Dinosaur Slayer group to match UO Guide
  • Fixed gump size issue for reward selection
  • Fixed special abilities for pets
    • Mana Drain now pulled 40-60 mana instead of 5-10
    • Life Leech cooldown duration shortened from 10-20 seconds down to 1 second
    • Steal Life cooldown changed from 20-40 seconds to a static 30 seconds and damaged adjusted to UO-CAH values


  • Adjusted permissions for Counselor/Decorator roles
  • Changed faction stat loss down to 2 minutes


  • New Halloween deco items
  • New beautiful, stunning, painting by Vallymar

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