Patch Notes 2023-10-04


  • Fixed an issue related to shrunken/leashed pets disappearing while shrunken
  • Fixed issue with hit chance check on Bolas causing them to never successfully hit
  • Massive overhaul of Pet Training definitions to align with UO-CAH
    • HUGE thanks to Eleos for going through the gigantic list of creatures and cleaning up all the discrepancies!
  • Removing Battle Defense from a pet will now properly remove Disarm and Paralyzing Blow as well
    • Thanks to Curby for this fix!


  • Poison Steeds updated to use AoE group 2 to better align with OSI “rules” on poison-based pets having access to all AoE
  • SOS/MiB chests can now be engraved with a metal engraving tool and Davy Jones’ treasure chest can now be engraved with a wood engraving tool.
  • Midnight Bracers now have a gargoyle conversion equivalent.
    • Thanks to Zeff for this suggestion
  • The Exalted Artificer will now keep the hue of the item when converting back and forth.
    • NOTE: Blessed (or personally blessed) status does NOT transfer. This will be addressed in a future patch!


  • New Ethereal Ossein Ram mount (currently available via Season of the Witch drop)
  • New [crl command to get to the Community Rune Library (Dennis’) just like [rl
  • Added a ton of new deco for Halloween that will be seen around town and also available to players in the near future
  • Added some new custom abilities that will be on current or future pets
  • Added new “Source” attribute to all items that will often display where/how an item is/was acquired
    • Example: Many Halloween deco items this year will say “Halloween 2023” just under the name
  • Added quest/event content to be rolled out in the very near future…

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