Patch Notes 2023-10-12


  • Witchhunter’s Quickbow and One Handed Crossbow now properly have MortalStrike as their secondary so it can be toggled without issue. Damage has also been adjusted (from 4-8 and 8-12 to: 11-15 base damage)
  • Hydras at the Deep Seas (Davy Jones) champion spawn will now properly “swim”
  • Elemental steed abilities that were previously upgraded have now properly been fixed.
    • Only appropriate targets should be damaged by both the abilities and ALL of the AoE world items (flame piles, acid rain, spores, etc)
    • Damage of the abilities (include flame piles, acid rain, etc) now scale based on the rarity. Common does base damage, Uncommon does damage x 2, …, Legendary does damage x 5.
    • Base damage for some of the abilities has been adjusted as well to make them more viable
    • Ice Prison will no longer make the target hidden/invulnerable temporarily.
  • Fixed a calculation where virtue level (Follower vs Knight) was not reflecting properly in code vs the virtue gump.
  • Added fix for PoisonStrike that was hotfixed on 10/11/2023 to address the crash condition where the target was an Item (barrel that takes damage) instead of a Mobile


  • Season of the Witch Updates
    • Adjusted base damage on Huntmaster’s Dire Wolves down slightly
    • Huntermaster’s Dire Wolves and Seeker of Souls will now spawn 2 each time (at 2/3 and 1/3 HP of boss) and spawn North/South and East/West of the boss instead of on the same tile
    • Artifact drops from the bosses were adjusted slightly:
      • Tunic of Vigor now properly drops on the Master of the Hunt
      • Elden Ring now properly drops on Freyr the High Priestess
    • Freyr’s stats were adjusted to better align with the Master of the Hunt
    • Added gargoyle versions of many of the items.


  • [wallet command now shows additional information (see screenshots below).
    • **NOTE: Character balances for tokens and kudos are only totaled from your character’s bankbox. Tokens/kudos in your backpack/house/etc are NOT counted for your character or totals.
  • Treasure Maps now show a numerical level (1 through 5) for people like me who forget whether Trove, Stash, or Hoard is higher.
  • New quest content for November/December has been added that will begin after Season of the Witch ends.

Wallet Gump

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