Patch Notes 2023-10-27


  • Adjusted dates for Halloween events (graveyards/Grim Reaper, pumpkins, and trick-or-treating) to run from 10/24 through 11/7
  • Book of Lore will now properly indicate what story it contains as soon as one page is dropped on it


  • Increased drop rates of Rare Serpent Eggs from 2.5% to 7.5% for standard drops and 10% to 20% for snake charmers
  • Increased drop rates of Toxic Venom Sacs and Slith Eyes
  • Increased drop rate of Jagged Crystal key on Crystal Vortex and increase spawners
  • Master of the Hunt’s dire wolves now howl when spawning
  • Updated gump for Book of Lore stories
  • Changed most containers to be able to use the large gump
  • Season has been changed to Fall in the maps


  • Added new content for Halloween (Thanks Shazzy!)
  • Added Khaldun Tasty Treats to Food Storage box (Thanks Shazzy!)
  • Added new Veteran Rewards (Thanks Shazzy!)
    • Enchanted Granite Cart
    • Gargish Totem of Essence
    • Glass Kiln
    • Enchanted Sculpting Tool
  • Added Scaffolding deeds (to be released soon via Crafting)
  • Added Treasures of the Feudal Lands event starting Nov 1 (see future post for more details)
  • Added Jolly Roger Quest chain (starting Nov 1, see for more details)
  • Added Dupre Virtue Quest (starting Nov 1, see future post for more details)
  • Added Excalibur Quest (starting Nov 1, see future post for more details)

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