Patch Notes 2023-11-03


  • Enchanted Soulstone Vessels will now properly accept Green soulstones
    • Thanks Phineas for finding this bug!
  • Added missing region names for cemetaries
    • Thanks Shazzy for this fix!
  • Charge/Ambush abilities should no longer make pets disappear again
  • Fixed an issue with the battle spawner in the Myrmidex Pits that caused endless amounts to spawn


  • Drop rate for Mysterious Fragments has been increased on treasure map chests (now 40%) and will range from 6-12 fragments each time


  • Bloodied Pirate Flag is now availalbe on the Maritime Black Market Merchant in Bucs Den
    • Similar to a Bed of Nails, it makes noise and spills blood when walked over
    • Thank you Vincent Daeloth for the suggestion!
  • Added a bunch of new content behind the scenes that will be rolling out in the next 2-3 months

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