Patch Notes 2023-11-07


  • Fixed issue with Treasures of the Feudal Lands lore pages showing the incorrect graphics
  • Excalibur Quest now properly shows Lady Melisande as a slay object (instead of Dread Horn twice)
    • Note: If you killed a Lady Mel, you were able to complete this objective even though it showed Dread Horn
  • Fixed the formula for Potions of Glorious Fortune to award the correct bonus points and apply to all of the Treasures of … events equally
  • Adjusted the drop rate of Cyrathar (Scabbard set item that pairs with Excalibur quest sword) on Peerless bosses
  • Fixed issue with SlithEye never being a valid drop item from Toxic Slith’s due to incorrect index
  • Fixed issue with Honesty items not spawning in the world and increased amount of items that spawn, also optimized the NPC locations for honesty items


  • Deep Seas spawn will no longer boot you to T2A when you die and log out/in which required another pirate medallion


  • Scaffolding deeds added to Carpentry craftables
    • Ingredients: 250 boards, 2 Rope, and 20 Hinges
    • Min skill: 100 Carpentry, 75 Tinkering
  • Added new event content (and turned off Season of the Witch and Halloween content)

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