Patch Notes 2023-11-17


  • Pet master is now properly considered the “killler” for Soulbound enemies
  • Treasure Map creatures should now properly spawn as Soulbound if applicable
  • When craft, Hardwood Table (fancy elven table) should now face the proper orientation (south and east were incorrectly swapped )
  • Gloves/Kilt of the Holy Warrior now properly apply -30 Necromancy when equipped
  • Gloves/Kilt of the Holy Warrior now have the new Reactive Holy Light property that was previously missing
  • Ozymandias’ Hiryu stats have been adjusted to match the Paroxymus Swamp Dragon
  • Trade skills are now properly reflected in scroll books (only smithy and tailoring worked previously)


  • Adjusted drop rate on Navrey from 2.5% to 5%
  • Changed font hue on [mystats gump from Dark Green to White to make it easier to read (future updates coming to this gump!)
  • Increased base drop rate in Trammel Despise from 5% to 10% and modified the luck bonus maximum from 10% up to 15% (for a new max of 25%)

Upcoming Change

  • Novice armor (mage/dexer suits for humans and gargoyles) have had their resists adjusted for non-young players. Stats have not changed.
    • Novice armor will still provide 10 of each resist per piece to young players
    • Novice armor will only provide 5 of each resist per piece to non-young players
    • **NOTE: Change will be seen on the tooltip when equipped by non-young players but will appear to have 10 resist when not equipped.
  • Announcing this change now to allow non-young players time to adjust suits if necessary. It will be going live at our next patch cycle (likely after Thanksgiving)


  • Book of Lore is now craftable by scribes
  • Runebooks and Runic Atlases now allow re-ordering of runes without removing them from the book (see details below)
  • Tailor Storage Box can now accept Blood of the Dark Father and Scouring Toxin
  • Insane Scroll Archive added as a craftable item for scribes (see additional post)

Runebooks & Runic Atlases

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