Patch Notes 2023-12-07


  • Added crash fix to Krampus Encounter
  • Gift of Renewal now properly cures (2% chance per focus level) if under it’s effects (Note: Effect will then end with cooldown timer)
    • UPDATE: This is going to change in the next patch! Effect will NOT end after successful cure as a player experience enhancement!


  • Chickens are now a 1 to 5 slot tamables with pack instinct (currently only Bulls, but will likely be expanded to all farm animals in the future)
    • Thank you to Marco and Fizban for the suggestion
  • Increased drop rates on Wintertide King and added Insanity Tokens (100, shared amongst all attackers) and Wintertide Coins (25-50 per attacker) as additional rewards
    • Thank you to Thaddeus and Outsider for the feedback!
  • Updated Spellweaving AI for creatures/pets to appropriate use Attunement and Word of Death. Pets will also now use Gift of Renewal as a potential curing spell
  • Shadow Wyrms will now spawn as 4 to 5 slot tamables with a chance to spawn as 3 slot. Dragon Breath has also been removed to allow more training options (matches White Wyrm options, minus Chivalry)
    • Thank you to Marco and Vincent Daeloth (and others) for the suggestion
  • Removed whips/whip recipes from Krampus loot pool since they are available as Tinkering BOD rewards to increase the probability of the other Krampus loot
  • Changed whip recipes from whip images to recipe scrolls on Tinker BOD rewards


  • New house craftables including Stone Steps/Pillars and Heartwood Walls/Doors/Archers
    • Huge thanks to Eleos for the code and tomj/Pevil for the ideas!

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