Patch Notes 2023-12-15


  • Tabards can now properly be worn by gargoyles
  • Sacrificial Altar will now properly function as a trash can for house owners


  • Tweaked success formula for Bow Crafting Recipe Book
    • Dex will no longer give a penalty, but can still give up to 5% bonus success chance
    • Crafting exceptional items for the recipes will now provide a 5-10% bonus
  • Reverted to old formulas/methods for Gift of Renewal due to feedback from players. Gift of Renewal will no longer cure on a tick and end with cooldown.


  • Added Christmas Card Exchange box to convert unwanted Christmas Cards to 2 Wintertide Coins. The box can be found at the Christmas Village just west of the Community Rune Library and south of Luna
  • Added Map/Coordinates to SOS properties when you hover over it
  • Stalagmites and Flowstone can now be mined in caves
  • Ki-rins have been added to the pet rarity system and mirror Unicorns. Also, they can now be ridden by female characters as well.
  • Added future content for 2024

Christmas Card Exchange Box

Coordinates on SOS

Ki-Rin Rarity Hues

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