Patch Notes 2024-01-07


  • Elemental Steed AoE “ground” abilities for Poison and Fire steeds now properly display damage. Damage has also been scaled properly based on rarity. This also resolves the issue of “blue” corpses if an enemy was killed purely by the AoE ground ability.
  • Fixed the properties on some of the holiday deco items to properly display “Christmas 2023” once instead of twice.
  • Fixed issue with “Umbra Mint” not teleporting you via Crystal Portal
  • Selecting Drogeni’s Spellbook from the Tears of the Ice Dragons reward vendor now properly gives you the spellbook and not a small snowy hedge!
    • Thank you to all the users who reported this issue!
  • Fixed potential crash issue when using Ankh of Sacrifice to lock karma
  • Circuit Trap training kit has been re-added after resolving a potential crash issue
  • Ambush ability has been fixed to not follow players that are no longer in range or disappear.


  • Shadowlords (Exploring the Deep) now drop Insanity Tokens (200 per char) and drop rates have been increased
  • Piles of Glacial Snow can now be used while mounted and also against those who are NOT carry snow themselves! Happy snowball fighting!
  • Bags of Sending can now be insured (this was patched previously but not included in patch notes)
  • Kudos logged in rewards and Sovereigns (wallet gump) have been updated (see details below)


  • Harvest Maps will now show X/Y coordinates instead of just sextant locations
    • NOTE: This was actually added in a prior patch but missed in patch notes
    • We’ve also identified a few cases where Harvest Maps point you to invalid resource gathering locations. We are in the process of reviewing the list of locations and validating each location and removing invalid ones. IF you get one that doesn’t seem to work properly, open a ticket and we’ll get you a new one!
  • SOS chests now include Insanity Tokens
  • A ton of behind the scenes stuff to prepare for our 1-year anniversary coming up on January 17!

Kudos / Sovereign Changes

Previously, Kudos were rewarded automatically for being logged in on a character. They could then be converted to sovereigns via the vendor stone at the rune library at different rates based on how many you had collected. To simplify this process, we’ve removed Kudos as the “logged in” reward and switched to simply awarding the sovereigns directly. Every 30 minutes you are logged, you will receive 1 sovereign (so up to 48 per day). For those who currently have Kudos, you can simply double-click them and they will convert (5 to 1 ratio) into sovereigns for your account (you may have a few leftover kudos). Feel free to move them between accounts prior to double-clicking them as they will be added to whichever account you are currently logged into.

To make sovereigns a little more “useful”, you can now use the [wallet gump command to view your current balances (Kudos balances will be removed in the near future once everyone has converted theirs) as well as “extract” sovereigns into scrolls that can be sold/traded/etc. Use the blue button next to the sovereign amount in the [wallet gump to open the conversion gump. Simply enter the number you want to pull out of your account!

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