Patch Notes 2024-01-17


  • Double-clicking kudos if it’s an even multiple of 5 will not properly delete the Kudos pile instead of being a “0” Kudos pile
  • ASpider should no longer spawn as a paragon


  • Added some checks for BOD “filling” to prevent artifacts, insured items, non-empty Runebooks/Runic Atlases/Spellbooks from being used to “fill” a BOD
  • Removed many BODs (small and large) that involved recipes or special ingredients across all crafting skills
  • Dread Spiders can now rarely spawn as 2-slot instead of 3-slot


  • Anniversary content, future content, and more behind the scenes stuff (see separate post)
  • New logging to help staff debug crashes even quicker
  • New Jade Crafting system (see separate post)
    • Includes new Jade Dragon pet!
  • New Elemental Spawn in Shame (see separate post)
    • Includes new ethy mounts, deco, and weapon

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