Jade Crafting System

From the rewards of the Treasures of the Feudal Lands events, where the allure of jade has been unveiled in its purest form, blossoms a new talent. The Insane UO shard proudly presents a groundbreaking crafting experience with the introduction of the Jade Crafting System. As the mystical green gem becomes a focal point in the realm, crafters and adventurers alike will discover a wealth of possibilities awaiting them.

In the wake of the Treasures of the Feudal Lands event, the once-hidden art of jade craftsmanship emerges, offering a plethora of exquisite items to be forged. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of jade as you craft elegant vases, intricately designed containers, and awe-inspiring sculptures that showcase the true beauty of this precious gem. Learn Jade Crafting by purchasing the “Carving Fine Craftables with Jade” book from the Jade Carver in Zento (between the Carpenter and Blacksmith shops). Use the new Jade Carving Tools that can be purchased from the Jade Carver to begin your creations!

But that’s not all – the pinnacle of the Jade Crafting System allows skilled artisans to breathe life into a new creation: the Jade Dragon! Unleash the power of this mythical creature, intricately carved from the finest jade, to stand as a symbol of prestige and mastery in the world of Insane UO. Crafters will need to collect all the components made by all different crafting skills. Once the components are ready, combine them together into a stunning jade masterpiece, a Jade-Entombed Dragon! Double-clicking the statue will release the creature within and immediately bond it to the player. A light and dark variety are both craftable!

Prepare to embark on a crafting adventure like never before, as the Jade Crafting System unfolds a realm of creativity and artistry. The Treasures of the Feudal Lands have opened the doors to a world where jade becomes not just a gem but a canvas for your imagination. Join us in shaping the destiny of this extraordinary shard with the unparalleled Jade Crafting System!

The Jade Dragon performs a Jade Crystal Attack that throws shards of jade at its’ enemies, dealing direct damage based on it’s min/max base damage!

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