Patch Notes 2024-01-22


  • Fixed issue with New Player armor re-spamming messages to non-young players every time their stats changed
    • Thank you to MOAIAP (Sophyris) for reporting this!
  • Fixed Ki-Rin pet definition to properly include AoE/poison-related stuff only if Poisoning was selected
    • Thank you to Curby for the fix!
  • Fixed Fire Steed special ability list to match other elemental steeds
    • Thank you to Curby for the fix!
  • Fixed issue with players receiving “empty” LBODs due to recent removal of certain “icky” LBODs for Alchemy/Carpentry/Cooking
    • Thanks to Eleos and c00lb12ns for reporting this and Eleos for the fix!
  • Fixed issue with receiving deed for wrong title for Cooking and Fletching BOD rewards
    • Thank you to trickster for reporting this!
  • Focused Necromancers (no other “focusable” primary/secondary skill at 30.0 or higher) in Horrific Beast form can now properly “cast” the master “spells” for weapon skills and poisoning
    • Huge thanks to Pevil for her research!
  • Adjusted the mass-heal before death on the Phoenix so it hopefully won’t flag you as grey!


  • Tweaks to new Elemental Champion Spawn, including damage of certain abilities, drop rates, and added Insanity Tokens to ALL players (not just scroll-based like normal Champ spawns), based on feedback from players
  • Adjusted drop rate of stalagmites (from about 6.5% max to 3% max)


  • Behind the scenes functionality for better error-reporting
  • Prep for future events/content

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