Patch Notes 2024-02-03


  • Added null check for custom pet abilities to fix a rare issue that could cause a crash
  • Fixed an incorrect high resist (cold) on Energy and Poison steeds. If you have an old one that has not been trained yet, submit a ticket and we can adjust it for you.
  • Fixed issue with Antique Removal deed not working properly if Powder of Fortifying had been used on it.
  • Fixed issue with Nether Blast not properly flagging you as aggressive
  • Updated NetherCyclone to match latest fixes from ServUO
  • Fixed issue with Page of Lore not being created properly as a reward in Treasures of Hythloth


  • The snow has melted and the season is now Spring on all facets
  • Book of Death has been bumped up to 60 SDI because the newer events will have 50 SDI spell books that are much easier to acquire
  • Removed select Cooking LBODs that required special recipes/ingredients


  • Elven glasses are now craftable by Tinkers
  • Added paragons in Hythloth during Treasures of Hythloth event

Server Migration Note

We successfully migrated to a new host on January 31st and everything seems to be much smoother! It may take some time for your DNS to update to the new IP address, but the Server URL ( has remained the same.

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