Patch Notes 2024-02-16


  • Fixed Antique removal on Negative Attribute Removal deeds as well (fixed on Antique Removal Deed last time)
    • Thank you Eleos for this fix!
  • Large and small jade are no longer interchangeable with the Jade Crafting tool
  • Shugenja’s Raiment is now properly a studded do instead of a plate do. We’ll hop around and try to swap out any existing ones if you’re logged in, but if not, just open a ticket in Discord and we’ll get yours swapped out for you!
    • Thank you to Riddish for reporting the discrepancy!
  • Fixed issue with Potion of Glorious Fortune potentially crashing if reapplied within a few seconds of expiration
  • Decorative Mage’s rug will now properly place in large size (previously was always small no matter which one you chose)
    • Thank you to Bloke for reporting the issue and Hammerhand for the fix!


  • House Craftables will not count towards lockdowns to allow people to have a bit more creativity
    • Finally Tomj will be able to put things in his house OTHER than walls 😉
  • House Craftables will be dyeable by the monthly special Luna dye tubs
    • Let’s spice up some of those houses!
  • Purple Llama mount (EV) can now be cast in town! You’ll still get an error casting EV if you target the ground.
  • Leather Good Satchel from the Huntsman’s Challenge has been replaced by the Gatherer’s Pack
    • Thank you to Eleos and Shazzy for working through this!
  • Removed Musicianship from the skill choices on loot and added Mysticism and Spellweaving
    • NOTE: This is NOT a retroactive change and we will NOT be swapping it out on existing loot.
  • Focus Attack can now be used on ranged weapons
    • Thank you to Subtle/Trancet/Chris for the suggestion!


  • House Teleports have been added into the vet reward list as 12th “year” (month) reward
    • Thank you Quirk finding and fixing it!
  • New House Crafting tool and tons of new wall/arch/etc pieces
  • Pully Cranes added to tinkering craftables
    • Requires a recipe that can be obtained via quest from Morgan Crane the Crane Builder at the sea market
  • Added Bamboo Tables and Counters to Carpentry craftables
  • Added Blizzard to cold steeds (similar to the rain ability of the Water Guardian) to make them a more viable option
  • Added Claw Attack to Saber-Toothed Tigers that scales with rarity and bleeds the target (similar to the jade dragon attack)
  • Added new Rune Box item available from stone vendor in Luna
    • Use the COLLECT context menu option to gather up all blank (unmarked) recall runes in your pack
    • Double-click the box to pull out a rune to mark
    • The tooltip will show you how many you have stored (unlimited)

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