Echoes From The Past

Live from the InsaneNewsNetwork:

* As we all know from the infamous Lord British, “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it”.

The sudden appearance of Inu the Crone, last seen many millennia ago and assumed dead, has been spotted walking the streets of Britain and at her once domicile in the sands of Tokuno.

She spoke of the Ophidians and the Woods of Windmere and what was to come. She rambles of “ECHOS”….and the citizens of Sosario have seen a surge of invasions in the towns of Papua and Delucia as well as the woods of Windmere. Bodies with the insignia “R” have been spotted as well as mysterious runes, and both are being stolen by thieves .

Are her ramblings nonsense? Why is she not dead and if not dead, why is she back? Was Lord British correct in his prophecy? Citizens continue to ask her questions and each time she seems to prophesy more, but is she to be believed?

Reporting Live from the INN:

Story Rittenoften

*end pigeon transmission*

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