Patch Notes 2024-05-04


  • Fix crash issue with Peerless encounter removing fighters
  • Fixed issue with Peerless boss not re-spawning if keys are added too quickly
    • NOTE: To save yourself time, make sure you use the REAL exit and not the [rl (or similar) commands to exit the Peerless boss area.
    • Once EVERYONE exits the boss area, you can now immediately re-start the encounter with the keys on the altar (unless someone exited with [rl or similar). You will also get an appropriate error message as well to inform you.
    • Thank you to Eleos for the testing and assistance debugging this one!
  • Fixed Treasures of Fey Wrath reward gump for Weald Codex giving the incorrect item and having the wrong tooltip


  • Increased drop rates for certain things in Peerless encounters.
    • Special armor pieces now have 7.5% chance, up from 5% (32 possible pieces)
    • Excalibur’s Scabbard now has a separate drop rate (1%) instead of being part of the special armor drop list
    • Untangled and Elemental Cincture are now convertible (both directions) via the Exalted Artificer instead of only being able to alter in one direction


  • A “random” teleporter has been added to the entrance of Destard (next to the Artifact Trader) that will send you to a random place in the dungeon, just in case the entrance gets a little…crowded…
  • Ol’ One Eye has been spotted in Destard, defending his piles of gold and treasures, but be careful, he has many friends!
  • There’s also rumors of some “new” creatures appearing soon in Destard…more to follow….

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