Patch Notes 2024-04-22


  • Fixed crash issue when selecting Pet Leash from Insane Tamer points rewards


  • Increased drop rates of keys and rewards in Exodus encounter based on player feedback
  • BOD Books now have an item count of 1, regardless of how many BODs they contain (filled or unfilled). This should free up massive amounts of space in your houses/bankboxes and also allow easier “carrying” of BOD Books in your backpack
  • BOD Books now have a cap of 10,000 BODs instead of 300!
  • Doing some testing with fixed resources. We’ll see how things go and tweak from there.


  • Added new gargish version of Thunderfist, called Thunderkilt, and added to Exalted Artificer for conversion
  • Treasures of Fey Wrath event added to codebase (will launch May 1)

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