Patch Notes 2024-06-06


  • Revised the Discord username regex to accept all valid Discord usernames (not display name) in the Account Recovery gump (accessed via [AccountRecovery command in-game). Feel free to go in and updated if you had any issues adding it in the past!
  • Spellweaving skill will now properly appear on loot (it was added to the list previously, but was missing in another file so it never actually spawned with that skill)
    • Thank you to Eleos for finding the missing piece!
  • Cooking skill gains will now function better. Only 10% of the stack will be lost on failure and you should now properly receive 0.1 per item on successes.
    • Huge thanks to Eleos for tracking down the issue!


  • Davies Locker will now sort by coordinates
    • Thank you to a couple people, most recently Julius Ceasar Salad and jadex, for the suggestion!
  • Removed “lifespan” timer from Peerless keys.
    • NOTE: This only applies to keys acquired AFTER this patch and moving forward. Existing keys may still have a timer and WILL expire!
    • Thank you to Riddish for the suggestion and everyone for their feedback!


  • New “Leurocian’s Necklace of Fortune” that converts Leurocian’s Mempo of Fortune into a Gargish Necklace so that Gargoyles can get lucky too! Can be converted at the Exalted Artificer in the Royal City.
    • NOTE: There is NOT a conversion for the Elegant Collar of Fortune at this time because it can be crafted with special materials and needs to be handled differently so that may come in the future.
    • Thank you to Mel-Manu for the suggestion!
  • Fey Wrath pet dye (100 pts) and hair dye (50 pts) added to the Artifact Trader at Destard (Hue 2755)

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