Patch Notes 2024-07-01


  • Cow Pies are no longer flippable (incorrect graphic when flagged as such)
    • Thanks to Malken for reporting this one and Eleos for the fix
  • Fixed issue with lockdown counts not properly excluding crafted house deco
    • Thanks to the multiple players who reported the issue


  • Animal Lore gumps have been completely overhauled (see below for screen shots)
  • Added Light/Heavy labels to Powder Charges to differentiate
  • Stabled pet list remains open when claiming a pet in case you want to pull out multiple pets
    • Thank you to Marco for the suggestion!
  • Ninjas can now cast and perform special moves in Animal Forms
    • Thank you to trickster345 for the suggestion and everyone for their feedback!


  • Cut Leather and Hides can now be dyed with the limited-time dye tubs in Luna
  • Treasures of the Undead Lords content has now been added
    • NOTE: Spell Focusing Sash is NOT included as ServUO has not implemented the Spell Focusing attribute yet. If/when ServUO adds it, we’ll add it to the rewards. If ServUO hasn’t gotten to it by the time we finish all the Treasures events, I’ll finish it and submit code to the main ServUO repository so it can be validated before we roll it out.

New Animal Lore Gumps

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