Patch Notes 2023-04-26

A server restart was completed at 12:42PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Runic Reforging tables for Elemental and Hit Life/Mana Leech properties were updated to reflect the correct values and modern leech calculations
  • Mannequins will no longer drop your suit to 0,0,0 of the map if you have a trade window open. They have been re-added to the CUB rewards for purchase
  • Anvil of Artifacts should now be functioning properly
  • Miscellaneous Crafting fixes (armor, runics, add-ons, etc)
  • Kodiak bears and Triceratops should no longer disappear when charging. They do still switch to “all kill” instead of “all guard me” after a charge but we will fix that in a future release
  • Bunny Swap Basket will now properly accept your “Easter Bunny Raised in ….” to swap for a random new one. See Otto at the Insane Asylum and look for the blue basket! Simply drag and drop your unwanted bunnies into the basket and you’ll receive a random new one in your pack!
  • Fellowship Medallions should now function properly (but the dungeon is still manually “open” for now)
  • UO Store mounts minimum taming requirements have been lowered so non-tamers can use them properly


  • Adjusted corpse decay rate at champion spawns and Yukio’s Captor mini-champ so you can finally find all of your corpses
  • Added commas to gold amount in [wallet gump for better legibility
  • Teleport commands (such as [runelibrary and [runaway) now teleport your pets as well (assuming they’re following you and nearby, basically the same rules as recalling)
  • House decay has been adjusted from 30 days to approximately 60 days and will decay as follows:
    • Like New – 30 days
    • Slightly Worn – 7 days
    • Somewhat Worn – 7 days
    • Fairly Worn – 7 days
    • Greatly Worn – 7 days
    • IDOC – 12 to 24 hours
  • Shadowguard gold shower has been adjusted to less piles, but larger stacks
  • Atrophy for virtues has been reduced significantly (approximately 90% slower)


  • Repair Bench now has a “Repair All Equipped” option at the bottom
    • This option costs 50 gold per durability repaired (so repairing 255 points of durability costs 12,750 gold) and is withdraw directly from your bank
    • You can get a discount based on your Honesty virtue
      • Seeker: 5% discount (48 gold/durability)
      • Follower: 10% discount (45 gold/durability)
      • Knight: 20% discount (40 gold/durability)
    • You will not have any durability loss
    • Repair Deeds are still available via the gump for free
    • Only items equipped on your paperdoll are repaired
  • Black Market rewards have been added to match the full list from OSI
  • Backend support was added to allow for bonus Vet Reward levels without waiting the full time period. Stay tuned for future updates on ways to receive bonus Vet Reward levels!
  • Two big new content pieces! Details to follow…

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