The Pirate Lord Summit

Ahoy, ye scallywags and seafarers of Insane UO! The winds carry whispers of a grand event on the horizon – a summit of the eight pirate lords in Buc’s Den!

Word has it that these notorious buccaneers are convening to discuss a matter of great import: the dreaded Davy Jones and his lair in the Deep Seas. As the bane of many a sailor’s existence, Davy Jones has long eluded capture and caused chaos on the high seas. But these pirate lords are not ones to back down from a challenge.

Rumors suggest that they have plans to mount a coordinated assault on the Deep Seas champion spawn, and they are seeking the aid of all able-bodied adventurers who are willing to take up arms alongside them. Whether ye be a seasoned seafarer or a landlubber looking for adventure, this is an opportunity not to be missed. To earn a place on this voyage, defeat one of the 8 pirate lords encamped around Buc’s Den. Take their Pirate Medallion to the Washed Up Treasure Chest on the docks and travel to the Deep Seas champion spawn. There, you’ll find the pirate lords ready to summon Davy Jones. Don’t forget a sea horse to ride across the waves and double-click your rescue rope if you get dismounted from your sea horse, lest you drown!

So hoist the Jolly Roger, grab yer cutlass, and make haste to Buc’s Den for the pirate summit of the century. The fate of the high seas hangs in the balance, and only by banding together can we hope to vanquish the dreaded Davy Jones and his minions. Arrrr!

Oh…and beware the kraken!

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