Patch Notes 2023-05-03

A server restart was completed at 4:15 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Charge no longer causes your kodiak bears/triceratops to disappear in certain circumstances! They will also now properly stay on “Guard” (or whatever order they were currently following). Also fixed a specific circumstance where Yukio’s Captor’s Ambush ability could cause him to disappear as well.
  • Jewelry Boxes should now accept all talismans (Form talismans could not be added previously along with some BaseTalismans) and filter properly
  • Vet Reward gump should now properly show for new accounts
  • Aethena shield should now properly display white pearls in the crafting gump as one of the required ingredients instead of fire rubies.


  • Scroll Book gumps will now stay open when withdrawing scrolls!
  • Adjusted escort delay times down to 1 minute to allow players to gain Compassion quicker
  • Saber-toothed Tigers will now drop Tiger Pelts instead of Hides when you carve them
  • The stabled pet gump has been drastically overhauled! See more details below.


  • Gargoyle versions of every new Doom Artifact have been released!
    • The Exalted Artificer in the Royal City (just north east of the Royal Forge) will convert your Doom Artifacts
    • The Exalted Artificer has also been taught how to convert them back to “normal” as well!
    • We did our best for the gargoyle weapons that do not have good 1-to-1 equivalents and kept to the “spirit” of the weapon, typically what the most important Special Move is for that weapon.
  • Spiders have been added as a new tamable creature (similar to Najas). Stay tuned for details on where to find them!

Stabled Pet List

  • Pets can be claimed simply by clicking on their picture
  • Hovering over the image will display the same gump you’d see when hovering over your pets normally
  • To view the Animal Lore gump for a particular pet, click the button to the left of the pet’s image! A few notes about this functionality:
    • Anyone can use this function (Animal Lore not required)
    • In the Animal Lore gump, your pet will shows as Wild (mainly because it’s running around wild and free at doggy daycare in the stables) but do not worry, it’s still your baby!

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