Patch Notes 2023-05-10

A server restart was completed at 2:42 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Exploring the Deep quest should now work correctly for all phases
  • Battle Chicken Lizards/eggs now should have the appropriate hues (any existing ones that were different hues may be considered server rares)
  • Mountable triceratops should now count properly for Hunting permits / challenges
  • Tweaks to update range to resolve health bars needing to be re-pulled after going off-screen


  • Removed fletching BODs that required extra resources to create (primarily elven bows) from both Small and Large drops
  • Reagents dropped by elemental steeds are now more appropriate to the elemental type
    • Fire Steeds – unchanged
    • Cold Steeds – Spider Silk
    • Poison Steeds – Nightshade
    • Energy Steeds – Black Pearl
  • Gems can now be put into Commodity Deeds


  • Added new Account Recovery gump to enter email/discord recovery options for players. See more details below.
  • The Black Gate quest chain is now available (
  • Tons of newer OSI items added to the game that will be made available in various ways…

Account Recovery Enhancements

  • You will be prompted to enter an Email Address and/or a Discord name
  • You are NOT required to do this, but if you do, it makes it easier for us to reset your password/recover your account if something would happen
  • If you fill out at least one of them, you will no longer be prompted at login.
  • If you do not want to fill out either and don’t want to be prompted at login, simply enter “DECLINE” in the email address field and it will stop bugging you.
  • Email addresses must be provided in the appropriate format (Example:
  • Discord names must be provided in the FULL format, including the # and the 4-digits after (Example: user#1234)
  • If you link up your Discord, you will receive a free Mythic Character Token in your backpack (or bankbox if full)! If you have already received one from a staff member by joining Discord, you can still get another one per account by filling it out here!
  • You can now change your password using the [password command (Example: [password my-new-password my-new-password )

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