Patch Notes 2023-05-17

A server restart was completed at 5:00 PM Eastern time and the following changes have been deployed:


  • Resolved some issues with the Resource Satchels and weight calculations. Additional fixes for some special cases will be coming soon!
  • Ter Mur Moongate teleport via Crystal Portals will no longer cause fall damage (point shifted slightly so you’re not “floating”)
  • Fixed “hit points” on Dragon Barding Deeds that were normally crafted having 10x more HP than they were supposed to


  • Corrected the hues on Haochi’s Pigments. ServUO had not verified certain colors and they were “off” slightly. This will affect any existing Haochi’s Pigments as well!
    • Ninja Black was hue 1175, now it is correctly 1108
    • Olive was hue 2730, now it is correctly 1196
    • Midnight Blue was hue 1176, now it is correctly 1156
  • Testing some tweaks to the New Player armor sets. No changes are “live” yet, but we are actively testing it!


  • Poisoning has been greatly enhanced! Two major changes have been made to make it more viable in templates. See details below!
  • Tons of new content for upcoming events/quests! We’ll start to roll these out as we continue to work on the crafting changes!

Poisoning Enhancements

Poisoning has always been a bit lackluster in PvM, so this first iteration of improvements is designed to make it a more viable option in templates. The first of the changes is adding an AoE poison to poison strikes if you have Poisoning as follows:

  • The same creatures that are affected by the Poison Strike are the ones who can be potentially poisoned.
  • The chance for an AoE poison scales by Poisoning skill, 5% per 20 skill points (with scaling for in-between)
Poisoning SkillPoison LevelChance to Poison

The second major change is that having Poisoning as well as Taste Identification now provides poison IMMUNITY!

  • Both skills must be at the levels listed below to have the immunity effect.
  • The immunity is a TRUE immunity (you never even get poisoned) versus the Vampiric Embrace-style “immunity” where you get poisoned, but then it disappears the first time it attempts to tick.
  • This change ONLY affects players, not pets (since they couldn’t have Taste ID anyways)
Poisoning & Taste ID Minimum SkillImmunity Level
40.0Lesser Poison
60.0Regular Poison
80.0Greater Poison
100.0Deadly Poison
120.0Lethal Poison

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